The Dos and Don’ts of Hosting a Retirement Party

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Whether you’re throwing a retirement party for your husband, father, co-worker, or boss, you want to ensure that you send off the future-retiree with a bang! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of dos and don’ts to help you throw the best retirement party possible.

Do send out invitations

Invitations are essential for retirement parties. They not only provide the date your guests should clear in their schedules, but it also provides other essential information like dress code, location, RSVP date, and more. You can send out formal invitations in the mail, or you can send it via email or Facebook. Either way, make sure you have the necessary information your guests will need.

Don’t talk about work problems

A retirement party is a celebration of someone’s entire career. It’s a happy occasion. So, don’t weigh things down by talking about work problems or issues from the past. In fact, it’s best to keep work talk to a minimum.

Do have a creative location

When picking out a location for the retirement party, try to keep things creative. While it’s perfectly acceptable to host it at a home or restaurant, a more creative location will be a hit with the retiree and the guests. A luxury yacht charter, for instance, can be the perfect location for your retirement party.

Don’t forget to take the retiree’s wants into account

Some people get so involved in planning a retirement party that it becomes more a party of what the host wants rather than what the retiree wants. When planning a retirement party, always make sure you’re thinking about the retiree and checking in with them frequently.

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