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WINSTON KNAUSS, designer, builder, owner and captain of the most unique charter yachts in the world was a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur in Indianapolis, Indiana. He founded and owned Winston Development Corp., AAA Wrecking Co. - a demolition contracting business, owned and operated the Winston Yacht and Country Club, and a number of hotels, and was also a land developer.

As a child, in Indiana, Winston dreamed of building boats.​  In his back yard as a child, he resurected many boats and later as an adult, he built boats that would eventually become world known. Winston built his first boat in his back yard along the White River in Indianapolis, Indiana in the 1970’s out of salvage from his demolition and building companies.

In 1977, in Florida, a yacht broker asked him if he would be interested in chartering his 62-foot luxury craft, Winston agreed, and he has been in the yacht chartering business ever since.

In the beginning, his charters did not include any catered food aboard the yacht, but that all changed one day when show business luminary Liza Minelli chartered his yacht and insisted on serving stone crabs, shrimp, oysters and a seafood buffet.

Winston is an inventor and applied for his 1st patent at the age of 22. In his demolition business, he spent many years destroying buildings, manufacturing plants, smoke stacks, water towers, and bridges, so it is especially satisfying to be able to create something as lovely as these yachts and be able to stand back and just admire the beauty they bring to this world.

"It gives me great pleasure to bring such joy and happiness to the people who have the time of their lives aboard my yachts."

Captain Winston and his wife Captain Diane have enjoyed the planning that goes into building these well thought out charter boats. They both are U.S.C.G. licensed captains and have played a dominant part in every charter onboard the SIR WINSTON to insure a perfect event every time.

Captain Winston and Captain Diane have a residence in Indianapolis, IN and are living fulltime in Alva, Florida on the Caloosahatchee River. They are promoting their 570 passenger vessel, the Grand Princess.  She will be back in business when United States Coast Guard gives the thumbs up after the COVID-19 pandemic is lifted for the state.  Of course we will be practicing social distancing and providing hand sanitizers as required.  We hope to be back in the water cruising the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway of Florida soon.

Although Captain Winston says he's retired, you can't hold him down. Once a work-a-haulic and entrepreneur, they don't change.  Steve Siegel, captain in charge of the SIR WINSTON Yacht Charters operation has relocated in Hollywood, Fl with the Grand Princess.  




As the vessels got bigger and more luxurious, Winston proceeded to get his 100 ton captain's license and operate them to see first hand how to improve the quality of mechanics, structure, and operation. Winston is continually building and perfecting his boats. As the yachts got bigger he moved his boat-building from southern Indiana to Palatka, Florida. Winston has sold his vessels to buyers in Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Shanghai, China and Mumbai, India. Every year there was a new SIR WINSTON and another proud new owner of the previous yacht. He designed, built and worked his yachts to the state of the art vessels they have become.

There were 10 previous SIR WINSTON's and 6 preceeding yachts named Wrecking Krew, one Celebration and one Grand Floridian. The final SIR WINSTON was buiilt in 2017 and is currently working in Long Beach, CA.

Mumbai, India


Long Beach, CA

Shanghai, China