4 Helpful Tips for Planning a Class Reunion

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Class reunions are a fun time to get together with old friends and reminisce about shared memories. Planning a class reunion, however, can be complicated. From finding former classmates to picking out the perfect venue, there are many things you have to consider as you plan your reunion. Thankfully, by doing a little extra research and getting a few helping hands, you can throw the best class reunion possible!

Find your classmates  

When you make the decision to hold a class reunion, the first thing you need to do is find your classmates. Social media is one of the best tools of doing so. Many Facebook users list their alma maters on their profiles. Plus, you’re likely friends with a good amount of people from your school. Create a Facebook page dedicated to the event and start inviting your former classmates. You can then encourage them to invite others that you may have missed.

Additionally, if you’re still associated with the school, you can use your school’s alumni records to send out emails or mailers regarding the event.

Secure a date early

As you start spreading word about your reunion, the next step is to decide on a date. You’ll want to lock down the date early so that your former classmates have plenty of time to ensure they’re available. Typically, one year in advance is recommended. You can decide the date yourself, or you can send out an online survey to see when people are available. The best times for school reunions are September through December, as the holidays are when most classmates are home.

Form a committee

You can’t do everything by yourself. Forming a committee of dedicated, former classmates will ensure your reunion is a success. You can have as many people as you’d like on the committee, but we recommend at least four. You can share duties or have each person responsible for different things.

Plan your entertainment

Most people won’t just want to sit around and talk—they’ll want to party! So, be sure to give them one! Have a venue people enjoy, a bar service to get a drink or two, and music to get them moving. If you’re not sure what the best entertainment would be, think about to your graduating year to truly let people reminisce about the good times.

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