Luxury Yacht Charter Etiquette: What to Know Your First Time on a Luxury Yacht

captain of luxury yacht charter walking along deck

If you’re going onto a luxury yacht charter for the first time, then you may be wondering about how you should behave. Luxury yacht charter etiquette ensures a pleasurable experience for both the guests and the crew. So, be sure to follow these etiquette tips the first time you’re on a luxury yacht charter:

Listen to the security briefing

Most luxury yacht charters go off without a hitch. However, the sea is an unpredictable place. This is why all luxury yacht charters have a security briefing before take-off. This ensures that, in the case of an emergency, everyone knows what to do to get back to shore safely. Pay attention and listen when the captain and crew are providing their instructions.

Always respect the crew and captain

The yacht crew and captain are there to take care of your needs and ensure you get to and from your destination safely. They are doing their best to provide you with the best experience possible. So, we ask that you always respect the crew and captain, as well as any instructions or rules they provide.

Expect to wear no shoes or only yacht shoes

Most luxury yacht charters have delicate decks. As such, you will be asked to remove your shoes before boarding (don’t worry, they will still be on the yacht!) or to wear only yacht shoes. This ensures that the deck is not scratched up by hard soles.

No smoking is allowed

Luxury yacht charters want to provide the highest quality level service and experience possible. As such, no smoking is allowed on the yacht. This is to protect the guests, crew, and the yacht itself.

Inform the crew and captain about your guests

To provide the best service possible, your crew and captain need to be informed about all of your guests’ needs. This includes the number of guests that will be joining you, their dietary restrictions, allergies, and accessibility accommodations.

By following these etiquette tips, you will have a seamless experience on your luxury yacht charters. Sir Winston Luxury Yacht Charters is here to help you host an unforgettable experience on our luxury yacht. Contact us today at 954-998-9691 to learn more.

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