Tipping Etiquette on a Yacht: Should You Tip and How Much?

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With a luxury yacht rental, it is customary to tip the yacht crew. However, if you’ve never been on a luxury yacht rental before, you may wonder about the tipping etiquette: how much should you tip? And Who exactly do you tip? Read on to learn more:

Why Should You Tip?

The captain and crew of your luxury yacht rental are responsible for catering to all your needs. Not only that, but they’re also responsible for your safety. Tipping the captain and the crew shows your appreciation.

Who Should You Tip?

In general, you should tip both the captain and the crew. However, you don’t need to walk around to each member of the crew to give them their fair share. You can simply hand the whole tip to the captain who will then divide it up amongst the crew accordingly.

Nevertheless, if there are specific members of the crew you want to tip for truly great service, you can always tip them individually.

When Do You Tip?

The best time to tip would be at the end of your luxury yacht rental experience.

How Much Should You Tip?

It is customary to tips anywhere between 5 percent and 15 percent for your luxury yacht rental. However, the tip should reflect the type of service you received. If you received truly amazing service, you can always tip more than 15 percent.

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