How to Take Photos on a Yacht

photographer taking photo on deck of yacht

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a guest on a luxury yacht charter, you’ll want to capture your time on your yacht with a few photos. However, taking photos on a yacht is much different from taking photos on the ground. That’s why we’ve provided some of our favorite tips to help you capture beautiful photos at your next event.

Keep the horizon line straight

Out on the sea, you can see the horizon stretch out in front of you. As such, the horizon line should always be kept straight, which can be a challenge when the boat is swaying back and forth. However, you can find stability by using the viewfinder in your camera and keeping it close to your body. A tripod or prop will do little for stability due to the shocks of the boat.

Increase your shutter speed

When taking photos on a yacht, it can be hard to keep things in focus due to the sway of the boat. To prevent this, increase the shutter speed. This may also activate the stabilizer function in your lenses. You could also switch to Sport mode if your camera has it, as this is built for capturing moving objects.

Use a polarizing filter

While some parts of the yacht may be indoors, you’ll likely be taking many photos outdoors on the deck. As a result, you’ll need to reduce any reflection from the water or saturation in the sky. You can accomplish this by using a polarizing filter on your shots.

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