How to Create a Wedding Budget

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You’re finally engaged…congratulations! Now it’s time to plan your wedding! But before you get started hiring caterers and picking a venue, you should first create a wedding budget. Unfortunately, many brides- and grooms-to-be don’t know where to start when it comes to a wedding budget. Thankfully, we have you covered. Read on to learn some top tips for creating a wedding budget:

Figure out who’s contributing

In order to know how much you can afford, you need to know how much cash you’ll have on hand. While you’ll certainly be spending much of your own money, you may have family members who want to contribute to your wedding, as well. So, find out who would like to contribute to your wedding and how much they’re willing to give you as you’re making up your budget.

List the necessities

Everyone has a dream wedding, but is that dream wedding within your budget? Create a list of things you absolutely have to have for your wedding, and then a list of items that you’d like to have but are not needed. This will give you some flexibility in determining how much money to spend.

Gather estimates and quotes

Now that you know what you want and how much money you have in your bank, it’s time to gather some estimates and quotes. This may be the most time-consuming task, but we promise it’s worth it. By gathering quotes, you can not only find the most cost-effective options, but you’ll also be able to determine how many of those “like to have” items you actually can have.

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